Hi Baby: Heavenly Bedtimes

Hi my sweet baby,

I just got done putting you down for bed in what has become our new routine. I hold you in my lap as we sing songs (and maybe read a book if you're interested). Then we just sit there and cuddle. Sometimes you're playful and other times you're too sleepy and just want to relax. Tonight you were playful. As I sang you some of my favorite primary songs you would look up at me with this mischievous and yet precious close-mouthed grin. Then hurry and look away. It's like you want to make sure that I know you're loving our time together. It melts me heart and I love it every time you do it. As you lay back in my arms to get a little more comfortable you start to giggle as you hold Dog and try to reach for my face. We tease each other and you get all your silly energy out. You don't wiggle though. You have come to learn that bedtime means winding down and if you start to wiggle or want to play on the floor I put you in your crib. I love that you've caught on to my ways. If you're good and just want to snuggle, you end up staying in my lap much longer and our bedtime routine stretches further. I'm in no rush to do anything else. I would hold you like that all night if I could. I truly enjoy every single second of our time together, especially these silly nights.

As you lay in bed with a sticky face and hands (no bath for you tonight) I can't help but feel so much love for you. You're my favorite thing in this whole world. I love watching you grow up. You're quickly becoming my little girl instead of a baby, but you'll always be my baby girl. You are doing so many funny things right now. You're newest "trick" is to try to hold everything in your hands. You gather everything up, start by holding a few things in each hand and then get the rest of your body involved. You shove things under your arm pit and grab an armful. It's so funny and it makes me laugh every time.

I can tell you're understanding most of what I say these days. When we're downstairs and I say "should we go take a nap?" you head for the stairs with Dog. If we're upstairs and I ask if you want a snack or dinner you know exactly where to go. You're testing me with your behavior, but for the most part you understand what is OK and what isn't (for now). You like to screetch and scream when you're impatient but when I give you the look you stop (usually).

Your daddy and I are always talking about how much we love your personality and how we hope you never change. I want you to always be curious, happy and most of all- goofy. It's one of my favorite traits you have, and I would be so sad if one day it was gone. I am doing all I can to make sure you feel loved and accepted in your personality and I'm not one to shut you down, even when we're in public. Obviously if you're throwing a fit I will parent you, but if you're just expressing yourself and being silly then I'm not going to be the one to tell you to be quiet. I don't ever want you to "be quiet". I want you to have opinions and share them. I want you to be bold and not embarrassed. I want you to be confident in yourself and not afraid of what other people are thinking of you. Of course there are rules to follow, but I don't think that means we have to conform to the way a 1 year old "should" be acting (big LOL to the people who think they know what that looks like).

she was obsessed with the broom for a day. wouldn't put it down. it made for a fun walk!

I'm basically obsessed with you, and I'm not afraid to say it! Thanks for being such an angel. I'm thoroughly enjoying this happy phase you are in. I'm filling up my mommy love bucket for when you switch back over to a beasty baby (because I know you will. Cycles and all that!)


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