dare devils and crazy babies

Life is CRAZY around here (isn't everyone's??) but it's also so much fun.

Mckenzie is out of her rough patch which means we have a lot more smiles around this house. She is walking like a little person and getting better every day. She can now step up a little higher and handle going down a hill. All very important, I know.

She's also a little daredevil and has NO FEAR. She's gotten two bloody noses this past month because she's always exploring and falling/tripping and sorrynotsorry but I'm not going to hold her hand/body every second of her life so I guess she'll just get a little banged up along the way.

She can now climb up onto our ottoman and is obsessed with it. Last night I was sitting right next to her and just sweating buckets because I was convinced she was going to fall off eventually. She would stand up and start jumping or roll around. But she never fell. Which is probably good because I would have let her. I think it's important for them to realize that falling off of something is a likely possibility when you climb up. What comes up must come down, and she is figuring that out. Just today she has tripped or knocked her head probably 4 different times. I give her loves but then we move on. I just feel so strongly about letting a baby/toddler explore their world and learn cause/effect at an early age. Obviously I'm supervising her, but there definitely won't be a shortage of scrapes and bruises around here!

Besides being a "crazy baby" as we like to call her- she is such a fun kid to be around. We laugh and goof off and dance all day long. She's getting harder to entertain, but I just switch up the environment a little bit and she's set for a new day. Just today I was changing the sheets on her mattress and left it on the floor. She's been playing with it for the past hour. Best toy ever apparently?

Football season is in full swing and we have had fun going to Bart's games. There's another one tonight so knock-on-wood that the enjoyment stays. She likes to run around, but for the most part she's okay just hanging out on the bleachers with me. It makes me happy to think as my family grows up we will be a "football family". Going to games every Friday night, maybe having a son play. It's fun to have those traditions early on and have something to look forward to as our family grows. Plus Bart's team is currently winning which always makes watching a little more fun.

We can't wait for the season to change around here! Macs is still insisting on multiple walks a day and LOVES being outside. If it wasn't so hot/sunny we could probably spend more than an hour outside just exploring. The day I'm not dripping sweat on our walks is going to be a glorious one.

Bart and I ended our mission of Insanity and started running again. I feel like 5 weeks of Insanity earns us 2 gold stars. I honestly don't think our marriage could have handled any longer. I actually really love the workouts, but 6 days a week? L O L. So instead I'm running 2 10Ks this month and a half marathon in October and November. Except since I just wrote that all down I'll probably break my ankle or something because whatever goals I write down never end up happening. Whoops!

So there you have it. A grippling update on our life right now. Bart is in football mode and has VERY full days. I'm currently binge reading and being a lovely housewife and Macs is living it up as Queen of the land.


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