19 minutes of crying

Sitting here at my computer, listening to my child scream. Wait- I thought we went through this already??? It seems every 4-5 months we have to re-sleep train Mckenzie and every time sucks just as bad as the last. As she gets older her cries are even more sad/depressing/pathetic and it takes all that I have to not go in there and "save her". Of course saving her consists of her just screaming more when I'm holding her and then even MORE when I put her back down again. It's been 6 minutes and she seems to be loosing steam- we'll see if she makes it to the end of this blog post!

It's so random to me when things shift for her- it's like WHAT? WHY???? I guess I could blame it on teeth right? Isn't that what most people do? And it probably is her mouth, which is why I gave her a dose of tylenol before I left her to choke on her own self pity.

But seriously- it's a sad few nights around here when we have to go through this phase.

Monday nights Bart is gone until 10:30pm for his Master's program so I'm stuck here all by myself. I've been trying to not watch as much TV so I'm on the computer instead. Not all screen time is created equal? RIGHT? I haven't watched any TV today which is pretty good for me.

This past weekend was the first football-free weekend in months and it was amazing. Seriously. I forget how much I love having Bart home. And not only is he home, but he isn't as stressed or tired. So it's all a win win win. Our marriage happiness level goes up several points at the end of each season. I'm not saying our marriage is hanging on by a thread during the season, but it's hard! I'll be the first one to admit it. Having him home and present and not super stressed is a blessing and it makes me happy. Mckenzie totally loves it too. She is much better behaved when dad is home. We spent one evening just hanging out and playing on the living room floor. She was totally content playing and hanging out for much longer than she is when it was just with me. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices a difference with daddy!

(11 minutes...I've gotten up and gone to her door twice but STAYED STRONG and didn't open it).

Her crying is distracting me and I have nothing else to write. Stay strong all you moms out there! The day is almost over


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