Is this week over yet??

It has been a WEEK in the Bowen household. Mckenzie was sick Sat-Mon. I was pretty much dead Wed-Thursday with food poisoning and Macs and I both have had tummy issues since. yuck! There are a lot of crackers and bananas being eaten around here. It's been a while since I've had a stomach bug and it is so miserable! 

I've still been able to follow my 30 day goal pretty well. I did sip on some Sprite and ginger ale and a couple pieces of dark chocolate. But for the most part my complete lack of appetite has just made it that much easier to behave myself. I wanted to avoid gluten-free bread and pasta but since that's all my tummy could handle the last few days I have had a little bit. Sometimes reality happens and veggies just aren't going to happen!! 

Mckenzie has been really struggling lately and it's been hard! It's hard to tell what part of her behavior is pain from getting her molars in (the last 2 are almost complete!), or if she is just sick with a tummy bug, or if it's more behavior change. Whatever it is- she is a grouchy, irritated handful. Luckily her night sleep hasn't been affected at all (knock on wood) so Bart and I have the evening to unwind and charge our patience batteries for the next day. 

Mckenzie has always been a dramatic little kid, but I think now that she is so smart and knows what she wants, she gets even more frustrated that she can't talk yet and tell us what she needs. If I am watching close enough I can usually get her through a frustrating moment pretty quickly. But other days she is just clingy and so sad and very emotional. I definitely have a girl on my hands! I just hope this stage doesn't last for much longer. When she has her sweet/funny/goofy moments I know my angel baby is in there somewhere! 

Babies. Children. Parenting. 
It's just filled with the dumbest and yet the most important things in life. At the end of the day, the love I have for my baby replaces any negative thing that happened. And my baby is growing up so fast! Maybe it's time for another one?? Hmmm...

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