To everyone posting on mom boards: shut up.

Can we talk about discussion boards for a moment? More specifically MOM discussion boards. This is where the crazy go to spread their crazy on everyone and where the dumb soak in all the crazy.

I am searching for some answers about Mckenzie's symptoms this weekend (I'll spare you the potty talk details) and for one certain thing (poop) the only sites that pop up in my Google search are mommy boards. I just don't even click on them because I know they will be filled with a seemingly innocent question, asked by a first time mom (questions I HAVE) and then the crazy stupid begins. These women just post the dumbest stuff!

To all new moms out there; please please please please PLEASE don't read those boards. Don't take advice from the crazy. Please. I am tempted to post a question myself juts so I have material to talk about later in a blog post.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never found legitimate help on a mommy board. The only thing I have found comforting is knowing that I'm not the first mom who has this kind of question.

Now excuse me while I go research the reason behind my child's poop changes. BYE!!

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