122 Hours

122 Hours.

The number of hours I have worked at the end of 3 weeks (ish)
It is also the number of hours it takes to graduate college.

This is what is required for a bachelor degree at the University of Utah. I will graduate with 123.

I just signed up for my last 6 hours ( or two classes ) and it made me so happy! I have had to prolong this graduation thing thanks to a job offer I got last year, but I know the decisions I made were right.

I'll graduate in December with a year and a half experience in the exact job I was getting a degree for! Not many college graduates can say that.

122 Hours.
That number is deceiving. How can it take so long to get through a seemingly small number? I can't even begin to write down the things I have learned in those 122 hours...but I want to try! I am going to start an installment of things I've learned the past few years and throughout those 122 long hours.

...but not tonight. Because it's almost 9 p.m. which means it's almost my bedtime...

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