Potty talk

If you're sick of hearing about potty training- too bad. It's the new sleep training in my life and it's all consuming! Also, my auto correct hates the word pee and hopefully it will get the message after this blog post to GET OVER IT. 

We're at the end of day 3 and my overall feeling is still optimistic. I read "Oh Crap! Potty Training" where the author says it's about the child going from 
clueless-> I peed-> I'm peeing-> I need to pee. 

On day one I never noticed Mckenzie at "clueless" the last few weeks she has been pointing at her diaper and saying poop! (Her word for poop and pee). She very quickly passed the "I peed" stage and went straight for "I'm peeing". 

We have been hovering around "I'm peeing" and "I need to pee" for the last 2 days. She either says poop! with enough time for us to get her to the potty, or she says poop! as she is starting to pee and then holds it as we're rushing her and finishes on the potty. 

Poop hasn't been an issue and she's never had an accident with poop. So there's a bright shining star- right? 

She has only had a few straight up accidents where she doesn't even attempt to make it to the potty. 95% of the time she is letting us know. It's just 40% of that time is a second too late. I know each day she will give more and more warning, and I know it's all connecting in her head. 

At the end of each day you can tell she is just exhausted and she's in bed at least 30 minutes earlier than normal- and I don't blame her. She is tackling an entire new way of doing something that for the past 2 years, has been the same. I don't think we give kids enough credit when it comes to realizing what we're asking of them. Whenever I get irritated or frustrated I try to remember that 4 days ago she wasn't doing any of this. And in that perspective, she is kicking some major butt. 

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