2 Cents: Why Moms Should Wear Swimsuits to the Pool

Jessie talked about THIS ARTICLE on the show this week and I wanted to add my "2 cents"!

I've never been super comfortable in a swimsuit, even in high school- but I've made it a personal goal to always be willing to wear a swimsuit to the pool. It's not an issue right now, because I've been pretty happy with my body. But I don't know where I'll be in 5, 10, 15 years. But I always want to be in a swimsuit when my family is at the pool. I don't want to be the one sitting in the chair, not playing because I'm too insecure about my body. 

1. No one is judging us. They’re too focused on judging themselves.
I 100% agree with the idea that no one is really judging you at the pool- because they're too busy being insecure about themselves. And if they are judging how your body looks- who really cares? What will their opinion do to you? There was a mom at the pool last week wearing a 2 piece and she had the mommy, flabby tummy that was hanging over her bottoms. Yes I noticed, but I didn't care. At all! All of our bodies are so different. They're different when we are toddlers, teenagers, pregnant and mothers. And the more little girls and young women can see adult women's bodies, the more they will begin to understand what real women look like (and hopefully be able to embrace their own)

I really had an awesome moment on our trip to Mexico.http://meganbainum.blogspot.com/2015/12/mexican-beaches-and-fruity-beverages.html I wore a bikini all day every day for 6 days. And there was nothing more liberating and freeing. I was surrounded by people I didn't know- so it made it easier for me to not care what people thought. But not just that- I was surrounded by people of all body types, who were also wearing bikinis. Not shorts covering up their cottage cheese butts or shirts to cover up their soft tummies. By the end of the week I was 100% comfortable in my own skin- even after a week of fruity drinks and unlimited food!

2. It’s an excellent example for our kids.

Yes! Is my body "perfect"? No. Will it ever look "perfect" in a swimsuit? No. Will Mckenzie's body ever be "perfect"? No. But if she grows up seeing her mom in a swimsuit (and comfortable in it) then I would hope she will be able to be comfortable in one too. I also think it's important to not talk about being in a swimsuit. Just put it on and have a fun day. No need to point out how much of a favor you're doing for your kids by being in one. Every daughter grows up thinking her mom is beautiful- we shouldn't be the ones trying to convince them they're wrong about us. 

3. It doesn’t have to be a bikini. It can be a good ol’ fashioned belly-covering swimsuit.

Mexico made me embrace the 2 piece swim suit and bikini. I wore a bikini 6 months pregnant when we went to Lagoon and played at the pool last week. But I also have a 1 piece I really like (when it fits- it's not conducive to my growing belly). I think it's important to find a swimsuit you can be comfortable in. 

Just remember-  unless you're 15, no one really cares how you look.

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