45 minute playtime

Ya know when you go to the grocery store hungry and emotional and buy $50 worth of stuff you wouldn't normally buy? Chips, ice cream (cashew butter ice cream is SO GOOD) gummy bears, chocolate, goldfish... No? That's just me? I doubt it. 

But after stuffing my face with whatever the H I wanted, I now just want to throw it all away. Nothing like a good emotional eat to get you back on track- right? 

Kenz and I had a good day today. She found a container of random baby items. Bottles, a rattle, a few bags, etc and it entertained her for 45 MINUTES! And I didn't have to get down and play with her. It was awesome. I stayed on the chair and just chatted with her as she played. It was like 60% playing independently which is more than she usually does these days. She's so funny and smart I could watch her for days. I was going to turn the TV on but stopped myself. Sometimes (most times) it's just good to be together in the same room without that stupid distraction. Curious George didn't even make it into our day until her 1 episode before dinner. I'm pretty proud of myself for that one. I can't promise it will happen again tomorrow, but at least it happened today. 

This week I'm really trying to focus on being a good example to her and being patient. I find myself saying "don't yell" in a too-loud of voice or grabbing her hand hard after she was just mean to me. I'm not perfect- but I'm trying every day to control my patience and temper with her. Luckily at the end of the day she always likes me and will snuggle and tell me she loves me. Little kids are just the best like that. 

Here are a few pics. Toward the end she wanted to take pictures of everything. Her Dog. Her bottle. Her blanket. I only aim to please as she yells CHEESE! 

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