My 3 Most Memorable Visits to Olive Garden

I had some time to kill before a meeting, and I had an Olive Garden gift card. So....table for 1 please!

As I enjoyed my soup and salad I couldn't help but think about the past visits. I think everyone has been to Olive Garden like 23078 times right? Even if not recently? Anyway- here are a few memories:

My 3 Most Memorable Visits to Olive Garden

February 14, 2010- Logan UT

My first Valentine's Day with Bart. We went at like 4:30PM because he wanted to avoid the crowds. He succeeded. We were surrounded by everyone over 60 and it was totally cute. We had been exclusively dating for about 4 months and totally in love. He gave me a necklace that said "eternity" on it and I remember thinking that was some kind of hidden message that HE WANTED TO BE WITH ME FOREVER **all the heart eyes**

*side memory** I'm also remembering this Olive Garden in Logan is where I met Bart's family for the first time. The gang was all there. I remember his older brother and I bonded over our hatred for tomatoes. My hair was pretty crazy, but they didn't seem to mind. It was a successful dinner.

June 2012- West Valley UT

I'm a new intern at ABC4 and my coordinating producer Roxanne takes me, another intern, and the Daily Dish producer out to lunch. It was awkward and horrible. They didn't say a word to me. They were BFF's and I was just....not. I spent the whole time wondering why they even invited me and that I had nothing to contribute to the conversation.

This obviously wasn't a great memory- but the story doesn't end there. Once I got hired, my new friend and mentor Rox and I went out to Olive Garden a lot. She always ordered dessert first. She introduced me to their lemon cups. They're so good. Next time you go- get one! Conversation was never a problem.

Rox has been gone for 6 months now, and I've been thinking of her a lot lately. And whenever I think about Olive Garden, I think of Rox and her dessert first and those lemon cups.

That's the beauty of memories- they stay with us, even when our friends are no longer here. We can look back and remember the fun times and good experiences and enjoy their memory for a few minutes.

February 14, 2014- American Fork UT

Fast forward 4 years after that first Valentines Day with Bart. I'm 3 months pregnant with Mckenzie and in full Hashimotos diet mode. My dad takes my sisters and I out for a Valentine's Day date. They still don't quite comprehend the fact that I can't eat gluten (yes, pasta is gluten) and choose to go to Olive Garden. I ask for the gluten free menu. The server hands me a three page menu. Complete with yummy options like ravioli and alfredo. As I go to order, the server grabs the menu and says no, the gluten free options are only on the back. I scan the list: chicken, fish, red sauce- and burst into tears. Not a trickling tear down my cheek. Like sobbing, tears flowing freely. I wrote about the whole experience you can enjoy HERE

One thing I love about going out by myself is the chance I have to just think- and yesterday as I was sitting all alone, I had a great time thinking of my Olive Garden memories. (and their salad dressing is just SO GOOD. )

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