Grey's Anatomy

So I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy and it just reintroduced the fact that I am scared of death. Not necessarily of me dying, although that scares me too, but mostly of the people around me dying. I cry every time I think about my parents dying and I cried-ish while watching this latest episode. I am not morbid or anything but sometimes after hearing stories of others I start to think about my own family and after watching this episode all I wanted was to be surrounded by the people I love. Unfortunately I am sitting here in my dark room all alone and it  is kind of creepy which is why I am writing this so I don't freak myself out. 

I was just reminded tonight of how precious life isand how it shouldn't be taken for granted. If you love someone, tell them. Tell them often. "I love you" is a powerful statement that should be used as often as possible. I am not one of those people that believes that if you say it too much it loses its meaning because to me, if you love someone, you want to tell them all of the time and you want to make sure they know that you love them.

I am who I am today because of the people I have had the blessing of knowing throughout my life. Even though most of those people are no longer in my life, I have them to thank for the person I have become and I have been lucky enough to be born into an amazing family that has been, and always will be, there for me. I love my family very much and I love those who I have known over my lifetime and I am excited for the people I will meet in the future because I know they will impact my life as well. 

I didn't mean to write this big long depressing post I just feel like sometimes I take for granted the people in my life and this is me publicly saying thank you and I love you.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

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