My BFF Roxanne

I am looking through old pictures and it made me miss my best friend Sarah so much! This post is more for me and her so everyone probably won't find it that interesting. I don't see her very much anymore since moving to Logan and since she is getting married in September I am sure I will see her even less. I am extremely happy for her though and I know we will always be able to stay friends.

Sarah and I met in hair school and I highly disliked her at first, I would say that we highly disliked each other but Sarah is not capable of disliking someone so we will just say that it was all me. Like I said, Sarah is so kind and loving that eventually I decided that it would be easier just to like her instead of dislike her because she was always so nice to me.  I'm glad I did of course because throughout school and since then we have been able to stay best friends. Even when we haven't talked for a while we can always pick up where we left off.

She has been my only friend who can be happy for me when I have good news, even if she doesn't. She is a very selfless person and I have never had a better friend.

m e m o r i e s :
80's dancing..
-EVERY Thursday night for months we went 80's dancing. We rocked that dance floor and have so many funny memories from those nights. If we thought boys were creepy we would give them fake names instead of our real names so the other person would know to get us out of there ASAP! Sarah was always Roxanne...

-40 hours a week for 14 months really brings people together. I love ALL of my hair school girls, but my friendship with Sarah has grown since school ended!

Road Trips...
 -We went to St George and Vegas among other places just the 2 of us. Listening to music from like 8th grade with the top down in her Mustang cruising around with our matching outfits...we definitely acted 17 and LOVED it.

I love you Sarah and I am SO happy for you and Tyler!

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  1. So i'm finally responding to this because i'm technologically challenged. But fyi i cried when i first read it haha sealed our friendship with my tears!! I really do miss u so much expect lots of lonely calls from me in snowflake A Z lol lots and lots of luvs
    ps. tyler wants to know where you built this website he says its sweet ha and i'm so happy for you and bart!!
    x's and o's!



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