Tips and Hot Dogs

So as I was at work today getting ripped off by every customer and getting NO tips I started thinking about if people know who you are supposed to tip.

Waiter/Waitress: Duh
[Although I was curious about if you had to tip if you were just getting carry-out so I finally asked the guy and he said yes, doesn't need to be the 15-20% but you should still 
give them something]

Hair Stylist: YES (but I have heard some people say they didn't know that)

The guys at Pita Pit?: No clue

The kids who dry your car off after you get it washed?: Yes!

The locksmith who has to come and let me into my car every 3 months?: 
I don't know!

So I guess I can't be too upset at people not tipping because they don't know any better since I have probably been there too....

Moving On...

Why is it when you ask someone how old their child is they tell you how old they WILL be? I asked this guy today how old his little boy is and he said he is almost 13 months......So he's one? Almost 13 months = being 12 months right now. 12 months = 1 year. Okay, just making sure I understood that right.

That's another thing about these silly parents. They think that the world needs to know exactly how old their child is. They will never give you just one or four, they say 17 months or whatever. If someone asks me how old I am I don't say I am 245 months and 6 days, so no need to go into tiny detail about the current age of your children.

On another note.....

Bart is planning this barbecue and since he is OCD and a perfectionist he had a list to bring when we went to the store today and then we sat down after the store to look over the list to make sure we will have everything. He's a cute little party planner. I am glad he likes this kind of thing because it isn't my cup of tea. I am not the party type, I don't like going to parties or planning them. However this should be a pretty good time. It will be a lot of people he hasn't seen in a while so I hope he enjoys himself. And besides...I am always in the mood for a hot dog!

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  1. Love you! Can't wait for the barbecue planned by Bart on Wednesday! haha



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