I feel like I should have a lot to blog about, but I can't really think of anything, I will just type and see what happens.

I really like being closer to family. My nieces are here and I actually get to play with them for more than an hour every few months. I am picking them up tomorrow and taking them swimming.... a 4 year old and a 2 year old. pray for me.

Speaking of tomorrow, I also get to see my hair school friends. Every year in August we get together and catch up, can't wait!

So far I like our new place. It smells funny and is still full of boxes but it's growing on me. There is a lot of natural light and a walk in closet so I mean come on, I can't go wrong right??

We do have a crazy neighbor. Her name is Brenda and I am sure there will be more on here later. Let's just say that the first day my mom and I went to drop a few things off, she welcomed herself in and wouldn't leave until we did. At least she will give me some inspiration for my blog!

Here are a few thoughts of these new surroundings.

The cupboards are too high, I am going to have to invest in a stool

The tub sounds like it is going to fall through the floor

So far it has been nice and quiet. (knock on wood)

Our covered parking space is no where to be found

Not having the internet for a few days is very inconvenient.

Fresh Market sucks, and I don't care if Smith's is further away, I am still going to go there.

Golds Gym vs. 24 Hour Fitness? 

oh p.s. We went and saw 17 Miracles last night and I bawled through the entire thing. I am not talking about a few glistening tears on my cheek, I am talking about puddles of water. I would have been embarrassed but I was too busy crying. Seriously, it was one of the most touching movies I have seen, and extremely humbling.

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