Marriage part 2

So I wrote THIS blog post 2 1/2 weeks into being married, and now that we have been married 13 weeks I have a few more things to add to the list. 

No one should own this many basketball/gym shorts and they probably don't really need to be washed after every use

Bart claims I have a lot of clothes, but we take up the same amount of space in the closet

Apparently I radiate too much body heat at night for someone to comfortably sleep next to

I am okay with just eating a baked potato for dinner, but Bart needs a complete meal

Hanging up stuff the right way (with a hammer and nails) is much easier, and looks much better, than sticking tacks into the walls and hoping they stay

He puts the silver wear facing up in the dishwasher "so they get clean" I put them face down "so they don't have to be touched taking them out"

We regularly go out wearing the same thing together: Basketball shorts, Aggie shirt, and flip flops.

If person A cares more about Topic 1 than person B, person B should just do what person A wants.

The thermostat is a touchy subject, change it ONLY when the other person isn't looking

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