Day 2- Traditions

In my family we have some pretty sweet traditions. 

Probably the main one no one else ever has is that we open 1 present each every hour. Yes you heard that right. We open one present each by turn, clean up all the wrapping paper, and then set the timer for 60 min.

It is not as depressing as it sounds. Since we all still wake up wayy too early, the first couple hours go by quick because we all just go back to bed. Then throughout the day, as soon as the buzzer goes off we run upstairs for the next set of presents. It is fun this way because we all get to see everyone open their gifts and all that good stuff. I can only remember one Christmas where we didn't do it and it was way lame so since then we have stopped complaining about dad's crazy tradition and started appreciating it.

Around 4 or so we start to get antsy, which leads to the next tradition. When we are all ready to open the rest of our presents without waiting an hour in between by dad brings out books. My little brother then has to guess which book goes with which person. If he gets it right- we can open the rest of them. If he gets it wrong- we have to wait another hour.  It is a little better now that he is 14 and can actually read but when he was younger he would give me the backyard landscaping book and my dad the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul (Or something along those lines).

Those are the main traditions I think of when I think about Christmas I am sure there are more, but for now I will leave it at that....


  1. I LOVE that! That sounds way fun! Let's be honest, the whole "oh let's get up by 6 a.m and open everything by 7 and then have a whole day to kill" thing isn't the best... haha

  2. and omelets Christmas morning. :)

  3. Haha yeah Megan we did that one year and we were soooo bored. I think it was a strategy to keep all the kids from killing each other

  4. Actually, I never remember Bainum children trying to kill each other. However, the beautiful thing about this technique is that children learn to delay gratification which is a life lesson that has proved to be valuable to all the Bainum children.



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