More @$%& Bart Says

 After we got married, I posted THIS.

And since my blog is sucking it up lately, I decided it was time for another edition. There isn't as many, but they still make me laugh.

M: I like fish, why don't we ever buy fish?
B: We're not on a fish budget, we are on a tuna fish budget

B: You can do student exchange, just make sure they send me someone hot

B: What the hell are you going to do with a degree in ballerina? That is more useless than an art history degree

B: I want a pet, I want something I can take care of.
M: What about me?
B: I was thinking of something that couldn't talk back.

B: Babe when you have a child and are required by law to feed him, you'll learn how to cook.

M: Why do you always talk about eating me if we get stranded?
B: It's not that I am plotting your death, it's more like I am planning my survival.

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