Customer "So you don't work a lot"

Me "what?"

Customer "Well I have never seen you here before"

Me (in my mind) "oh, well since YOU have never seen me here that must mean I am NEVER at work because YOU are ALWAYS here at ALL times of the day...right?"

I really hate it when people TELL instead of ASK. Obviously not all of the time. Yes, it is appropriate to TELL things a lot of the time, but you don't TELL a question. You're supposed to ASK a question. There are girls at work who will say "I'm going home" instead of asking "can I go home" and then wait for me to respond. Sorry honey, but unless you are going to ASK me, then don't expect a response. They get all butt hurt because I won't say okay yeah that's fine go ahead but ya know what? if you don't ASK me, then I have nothing to ANSWER. Same with customers. They just TELL me stuff and then expect me to ANSWER. look, if you think you know everything, then who am I to TELL you differently?

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