Keep your Sh*t to yourself

Dear complete strangers,

Despite what you might think, I am NOT a therapist,  I DON'T care about the issues in your life, I have no good advice for you, and I tune you out usually when you start to tell me your life story. Please realize this next time you come in to get your hair done.



Why is this letter necessary? Well mostly because Bart said I needed to be in a good mood by the time he got home and since work was so stupid today I figure venting about it should cheer me up.

This lady came in and as she was removing her bright red curly wig that was being held in by 20834 bobby pins, she just went off on how she is such a big mess. Without even stopping to get a reaction from me she went on to tell me about how much she is so embarrassed by herself because for the past four months she has just been sitting around so depressed because of all these events that had happened. She didn't stop talking slash almost crying the whole time. I honestly stood there and kept telling myself that she is God's child too and I need to be nice, that's how ridiculous she was!

Now, if this was the first time this had happened I wouldn't be as annoyed but it happens all. the. time. The week of Thanksgiving I asked this lady if she was hosting Thanksgiving at her house this year and for the next 45 minutes I heard about how her son-in-law and daughter-in-law had an affair with each other a couple years ago so no, she won't be hosting Thanksgiving. WTF??? I. DON'T. CARE. Call me heartless all you want but seriously, keep your dirty laundry and skeletons to yourself please because I don't get paid enough to hear about your shitty life all day.

The best part is at the end of this WAY too personal conversation they always look at me like I am some long lost daughter and thank me so much for listening and being so great. You're welcome crazy, please don't come back.

Clearly being a hair stylist is NOT my life calling. (duh)

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