The best thing about winter? 
I can be wearing the same thing in every picture I take and it's OKAY!  
(Well, at least it's okay to me.)

This weekend was so much fun. I will be working every day except Sunday's for the next two weeks so it was nice to have a little time off. The drive to Boise = a lot of time in the car, but it's okay, we make things entertaining. Bart bet me that I couldn't be silent for an hour so of course I was silent for an hour, earning myself a PEDICURE. BOO YA. As soon as the hour started Bart kept asking me questions trying to mess me up. He has never wanted to talk to me so much! As a way of entertainment we played the "I am going on Vacation and taking a _____" game where each person has to come up with a new something to take on vacation that starts with the letters in the alphabet. Bart and my brother and I dominated at that game coming up with some pretty funny stuff. Let's see if I can remember them. We played two games so I will give you the best ones from both games

I am going on a vacation and I am taking a(n)...
Avalanche kit
Clump of Dirt
Elephant vest with the trunk as the hood
Finger painting Set
Good Book
Happy Wife
Jack in the Box Gift Card
Kelvin Thermometor
Long rope
Moose tracks ice cream
Nocturnal Child
Owl Watching Kit
Panda Bear slippers with the nose as the toes
Rumplestiltskin Bobble Head Doll
Seething Snake
Transparent Passport
Underground aquifer detection device
Very very very violent Scentsy candle
Walrus shaped roll-y backpack
X-ray technician course book
Zipper repair kit

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