Spring Break with the Bowens

ahh. home sweet home. Our vacation was great, but I don't think anyone would argue the beauty of one's own bed.
 Our vacation consisted of windy roads, rolling hills and lots of green. it was beautiful in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada's and I think I would be okay living in some of the places we passed. (But only if the population is more than 32)The whole first day driving around I was obsessed with the scenery, but I did eventually get sick of the windy roads. We went for a run the first morning we were there (that's right, we exercised on this vacation) and I could have gone for miles just enjoying the view. I did get lost though and freaked Bart out a little bit so we didn't go running again for his peace of mind. 

We first stopped at a cute little gold mining town going through all the old shops and buildings. It was a beautiful day and some awesome color everywhere.

We also stopped at Mercer's Cavern and Moaning Cavern, getting to see some pretty great stuff underground. Since there was no natural lighting down there our depth perception was WAY off so this place was much bigger than what we were seeing. Our pictures didn't do these places justice, but we still had to attempt to document them.

After Angel's Camp, we headed to San Fransisco for the next 1.5 days. The city was awesome, but I was happy to leave. I don't love cities. I can only handle so much traffic and people and confusing street signs with no numbers :)

We decided to rent bikes and ride to the Golden Gate Bridge and it was the perfect way to see the bridge and the piers. The last few miles heading back were pretty miserable. We were going off of a bowl of cereal from 6 hours before and had already gone 11 miles on bikes (and we don't ride bikes usually) so I was kind of grumpy until we got some food, then we were okay.

The next morning before we headed out, we went up to the Muir Woods to see some Redwoods. We have been to the Redwood Forest on the Oregon/California border, so we weren't totally fascinated with the park, but it was still a lot of fun. Bart went crazy with the camera and we walked out of there with 200 new photos.

After the park we drove to Oakland and went to the temple. It was a beautiful temple overlooking the city.

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