No sleeping on the job

2 days down everyone. I'm breaking out, which could be caused by the nerves, or the lack of sleep, or the recent Mt. Dew I have been drinking...but all is well. I got my computer and email set up at work today so I can actually start working on stuff.

 I officially only have 2 friends because they are the only ones that Liked the Daily Dish page on FB (Caitlin, I knew I could always count on you). I'm excited for the stuff coming up, I think it's going to be great!

It's crazy how fast 8 hours goes by when you start so early in the morning. My body doesn't hurt and I'm not emotionally damaged from people who give you WAY too much information about themselves (unlike my other job...). It's going to be nice to switch it up.

I desperately need a new wardrobe though.. have I mentioned that already? Because that fact is even more obvious when I am standing in my closet at 4 a.m. Soon enough Megan, soon enough.

Well I'm really only writing on here so I don't fall asleep before I have to go to my other job (2 days left) because taking naps in the middle of the day and then drinking a mt. dew at 6 p.m. isn't the best way to make sure you can fall asleep by 9p.m. so today I am going to tough it out so I can actually sleep tonight.

Bart and I see each other for about 10 minutes now, and it's probably going to stay that way for a while so we probably won't have any cool adventures to blog about anytime soon, but since I now have weekends off I'm sure that lack of adventure won't last long.

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