may or may not or may

So 40 minute showers may or may not be the greatest thing....and I'm leaning more into the may.

I came home from my last day at the salon (and at the end of a 15-16 hour per day work week) and my shower and I enjoyed each others company. Obviously you have to switch it up in the shower when it's lasting that long so I started off with really really hot water thinking I would just wait until it turned cold, except my water heater is like the Olympian of all water heaters so I had to turn down the temp on my own. A little bit to the left every few minutes until it was freezing water (which I love just as much as hot water showers).

My skin may be hating me later for putting it through the ringer but I was lovin it.

I have all day off tomorrow and Bart has two-a-days for practice which means it's just me, my bed, my couch, my pool, my bed again, and then maybe, just maybe I'll go out in public. Shopping perhaps?

Anyway, if you haven't already you should really go to this FB Page and "Like" it and support me :)

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  1. Sounds amaazing! psyched u r out of that place that you hate I mean worked at. I like candlelight showers
    hey do you work with a girl named tierra at the daily dish?



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