one more


and then it's the weekend...

and I potentially get to sleep in tomorrow. 7 a.m. here I come!

I am still not use to the sleep/work schedule yet. Luckily for me being here at exactly 6 a.m. isn't a requirement...I just need to be here in enough time to finish my show in the morning...and then stay for 8 hours. (so the later I come in the later I stay) 

today I got here 45 minutes later than usual which means I still have that much longer to go in the day. It's definitely better to get here early when I get my butt out of bed so I can leave by 2! 

Finding stuff to do for 8 hours can kind of be hard to do sometimes too. When I worked in a salon you can just sit there and talk and read a magazine, but working here I feel guilty doing anything other than working (like writing a blog post) but there really isn't anything left for me to do! I could write my shows a few days out but that just leaves me with nothing to do the day before a show (because that show is already written) make sense?

I went to Bart's first football game of the season yesterday...and it was SOOOO HOT. I was sweating and melting and just feeling pissed in general (because Megan's grouchy in the heat). But it was fun to watch the game. They lost...and couldn't really tackle...but it will get better. The Varsity team is playing tonight and I'm going to stay home and clean my house....and take a nap...and possibly get a pedicure... but that is still up in the air. 

It has been a crazy week for both of us...we decided we will be taking a little vacation once football season is over. Bart has been training for his half marathon too which takes up a lot of time. 10 mile run tomorrow! (I will be riding along on a bike) I am sure he is going to kick ass....because that is what Bart does!

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