Assignment #1

How I Became a Writer
By Megan Bowen

I have never been one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted since the day they could put a sentence together. When I was 6 I was going to be the very first girl president of the United States. A lawyer, a hair stylist and an interior decorator all made the “what I want to be” list when I was in Jr. High and High School. Somehow, a writer and journalist is what I became.
Writing is something that came naturally to me, so I didn’t always see it as a career path. In elementary school I would fold solid white printing paper in half and create books, complete with misspelled plots and harsh illustrations. But it wasn’t until I was half way through college that I realized there was nothing else I would rather be doing. Luckily for me I started out in the communications field in school, so I didn’t have the hassle of switching majors and adding years onto my “expected graduation date.” My college experiences truly made me the person I am today, and that young freshman who didn’t think attending classes was important got a nice slap in the face by reality—and for that I am truly grateful.
My writing/journalism experience started almost immediately in school. I was on the editorial staff of Utah State University’s newspaper, being editor and a hard core news reporter (or so I thought). I loved researching and putting words together that created something more than just an FYI on what was going on in the world. Newspapers weren’t my future though; I knew that after spending a year in the print journalist atmosphere. I wasn’t overly curious, I wasn’t willing to invade privacy or call someone until they finally decided to pick up their phone. I learned the harder way I wasn’t hard core enough.
After print journalism, I took classes in Radio and other forms of multi-media. Aside from the long list of technical difficulties, I enjoyed broadcasting. I still don’t consider myself a creative person, but putting packages together for television and radio did require a bit of my right brain. Magazine writing also required my right brain, and I almost didn’t make it through that course. I don’t see myself as a “creative writer” (silly I know) but painting a picture in my reader’s minds is not an attainable thing for me, and Magazine Writing reminded me of that every day. Despite my best efforts, I never would have published anything I wrote for that course.
When it came to broadcasting I knew I wanted to be behind the camera. I am an introvert who doesn’t need and/or want to be the center of attention. I once thought about being in front of the camera, until I met everyone else who wanted to be in front of the camera. Quickly realizing my personality was polar opposite of theirs, I turned to side of producing. Be the boss of the on-air talent? I could do that.
Over the summer my “dream job” was offered to me after an internship at the ABC4/CW30 station. Despite being a 22 year old college student with no producing experience, I was hired to be the morning producer for The Daily Dish. My first chance at a 40-hour-a-week job complete with weekends off has proved to be interesting. This small TV show has made its way into my life, and my sleep schedule, and I can honestly say I am enjoying this new passage into adulthood.
I’m still not sure how this life happened for me, but I can hardly complain. I think I have always been a writer; I just didn’t realize my love for writing could support me and give me a future. I am still not a completely organized person with a 5 year plan, but these next 5 years are looking pretty good to me.

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