Early morning runs...with a bike.

Good morning world!

I was able to sleep in until 6:45 this morning...it was pretty great.

My husband is a stud, and let me tell you why.

He is training to run a half marathon in September so he is running 4 times a week. Since he has had two-a-days this week for football he has been getting up really early to run. On Saturdays he does his long distance running...and this week was no exception.

Bart is somewhere in this picture...doing coaching things...
The plan was to run 8 miles. It was the longest he has ever ran before so he was a little nervous. Since he had to get up at 5 to have time to run and then head to a football scrimmage, he wanted me to come with him because it was going to be dark pretty much the whole time. We all know yours truly doesn't run as fast as Bart and I sure don't run 8 miles either so....I used a bike! That's right....I rode along side my studly husband as he ran 8 miles. I actually had to pedal my bike too..not just coast!

We went to Jordan River Parkway and it was a really nice morning. Running in the dark is kinda cool. I have never seen Bart run before (seeing as how we start out together and about 15 seconds in he's ahead of me) so it was cool being there the whole time. I'm telling you..he's a freakin machine! He ran the whole 8 miles in exactly the time he wanted to and he made it look easy. It was so fun to ride along by him and chat, it was a good bonding experience.

Black dots on his forehead=bugs...gross.
The Jordan River Parkway is full of tiny bugs and we ate a few along the way when they flew into our mouths..it was pretty nasty. When Bart was done with his run though he had bugs stuck on his sweaty forehead. GROSS! He also had at least one in his eyeball and some on his neck too. It was like a cool battle scar....except instead of a scar it was bugs...and instead of being cool it was just nasty.....

I am really proud of him, he has come a long way....and anyone who knew him 4 years ago --or even a year ago although he was steadily getting more active for the past years-- would say the same thing. I fell in love with a chubby husband, and loved him just how he was, but it's never a bad thing to gain good habits and I love my skinny husband just as much.

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