Happy 23!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Sarah Gardner! She turns 23 today and this post is for her

11 Things that I love about Sarah

1. she laughs really really loud in movie theaters and doesn't even care
2. she matches sparkles and animal print like a boss
3. she's genuinely kind to the majority of most people
4. like a true friend, she has always been happy for my happiness
5. she has impeccable 80's dancing skills and taught me all that i know
6. she has matching outfits with her dogs
7. she can find a gem within the Clearance rack
8. she treats her puppies like her children ( and she's the only one I don't mind doing this btdubs)
9. she lets Bart and I crash on her blow up mattress whenever we need a place to stay down south
10. she kicks ass at crafts, blogging, cosmetology, teaching, etc
11. she thinks I'm funny and appreciates my humor

12 of my favorite memories

1. when I first met Sarah she wore red, white and blue on a regular basis and didn't care that it wasn't the 4th of July
2. cruising around in her red Mustang convertible feeling pretty dang cool
3. taking that same Mustang and heading south to St. George to hang by the pool, buy matching outfits and play midnight tennis
4. going 80's dancing every week protecting each other with code words and names *cough* roxanne* cough*
5. laughing at each other's jokes because no one else thinks we're funny
6. shopping in Vegas like we had money to spend...( we didn't )
7. hanging out in a bathtub because the hot tub was closed
8. Being one of her bridesmaids wearing a dress that really only SHE could pull off...but we all tried anyway
9. when she was one of MY bridesmaids and threw an amazing bachelorette party where we created Playdough penises
10. being able to call/text/message her whenever, even if it's been forever since we've talked, and know it's all good
11. wading through freezing cold water and climbing rocks with our hubbies and children (aka dogs)
12. attempting to play video-interactive games and failing miserably.


23 Reasons I consider her my very best friend

Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope you have/had an amazing day. You deserve all the happiness in the world!!

love always,

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