Best Days of Our Lives

I was going through a box of random stuff and came across this poem I wrote my senior year of high school.

Best Days of Our Lives

Friends one month, ememies the next
hey it's high school, what'd you expect?

We never forget, we never forgive
holding grudges is quite addictive.

We enjoy what we do, we flock together
but the time will come when we hate eachother.

Secrets get told, rumors are spread
truth doesn't matter it's "just what he said".

I'll cut my hair if you cut yours first
we shop separate but buy the same shirt.

"the world is too much with us" or so I've been told,
but hey it's high school, noone dares to be bold.

I'd like to think the "best days of my life" 
are after these 4 years of hell and strife.

We think back on jr high days and red rover,
and wait for the day high school gets over.

         Megan 2008

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