Dr.'s Know Best

You know what I really wish could happen when it comes to Dr's appointments? One word. LISTEN.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday (Standard Optical you might be on my Black List after this) to update my prescription  After the exam I told her the brand of contacts I like. I have been through a few brands and the only ones that have worked for me are the Acuve Oasis.

So what does she do? Prescribes me a DIFFERENT brand. I once again told her I really like my current contacts but doctors know better right? They know my entire history and what I like and what I don't like so why listen to me? What's the point when you know better?

Any guesses as to what happened? They were bugging me all day yesterday and just barely this morning one of them was irritating my eye and fell out. So, I called and said I want my old prescription back and yay, i have to GO BACK today for another appointment to get the prescription

How bout next time you just freakin listen to me? Kapeesh?

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