Cold pizza

I just love waking up at 2am on a Tuesday morning

-said no one. Ever. 

Since this whole preggo thing I haven't been the best sleeper at night. Maybe it's because I take 89% more naps than usual and crawl into bed at 7 but if there isn't a medicated sleeping pill in my system I don't make it through the night. 

Yep. You guessed it. There isn't a medicated sleeping pill in my system right now and I'm WIDE AWAKE at 3:06 and have been for an hour. 

It's debatable what wakes me up. It could be my aforementioned (correct word use?) sleeping pattern/habits. It could be that I wake up feeling like a hibernated bear who needs a snackrightnoworIwilleatyourface and I'm so freakin thirsty you would think I haven't had a glass of water for days. It could also be that I bought a pregnancy pillow ( the legit $75 one that is back AND belly and is supposed to be better than the sex that got you in this situation in the first place) and I am just not feelin' it. I am a true blue tummy sleeper and this pillow hasn't made me into a believer of side sleeping just yet. So there's that. Did I mention I was hungry? I took a field trip downstairs and had apple juice instead of a snack because really, what does one eat at 2:30 when there is no available cold pizza? The answer is apple juice. 

So here I am squished in between the back and belly part of my pillow listening to my dog chase squirrels in his sleep and my darling husband who thank heavens is a quiet snoozer. 

These 3am bonding experiences between me and my crazy manic mind remind me of college when I woke up at 3 am every.@&$?.morning. I blame that on a different kind if medicated pill but those nights/mornings weren't any more fun than these are. The only difference is the cold pizza situation. 

Did I mention I was hungry? 

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  1. I had/have the same problem!! I always keep snacks and a water bottle on the nightstand so I don't have to get out of bed. But unfortunately for me... the lack of sleep has only gotten worse since I've gotten bigger. I can never seem to get comfortable. Maybe I need to invest in a pregnant pillow... I would gladly pay $75 every single night if it would help me!



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