3 reasons why keeping the pregnancy news to yourself sucks

I don't know when you will be reading this but I know it won't be today (12/28/13) because none of you know I'm pregnant. Hence this post. I am 7.5 weeks pregnant and the only people that know are immediate family members and my BFF. Here are a few reasons why that sucks

1. I want to talk about it. Obviously this is pretty amazeballs news and we are so excited! This is a little better because now my family knows and I can talk to them about it. But still, I want to be able to bitch and celebrate and complain and all the other emotions that come when a baby is cooking to anyone when the feeling is right..not just a select few.

2. I have to suck it in. At 7.5 weeks I don't have a baby bump, but I have a bloated bump. and this belly expands to at least the 5 month-baby-bump stage after I eat anything more than a string cheese or glass of juice. It's embarrassing and funny and kind of painful. Last night I was laying on the couch with my huge belly hanging out so happy that I didn't have to be at work because I would have to cover this sucker up. I don't know when I will be ready to tell people at work, but I do know hoodies are going to be a staple at that place until then. I don't have very many prego symptoms, but bloating is definitely one of them.

3. I can't stuff my face to satisfaction in public places. A few weeks ago Bart and I attended his End of Year Football Banquet. They served up barbecue pulled pork sandwiches with beans and potatoes (typical man meal). I couldn't have the bun and the stupid lady only gave me half a plastic spoonful of beans so I was so hungry. I ate my pulled pork and made Bart go back and get me some more. He whispered in my ear that he wouldn't be able to keep my pregnancy a secret if I kept eating like this. Story of my life! Before we told my parents on Christmas I tried really hard not to inhale the entire plate of 7 layer bean dip to give anything away. Technically I don't even need extra calories for this little blueberry, but not everything sounds appetizing so when it does, I like to eat it. You're welcome.

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