A Pringles can of emotion

I cried in Olive Garden tonight 

And by cry I mean have a complete emotional breakdown in front of everyone. Over what you ask? This fat kid cried over the gluten free menu options 

Let's start at the beginning shall we?

Every Valentine's Day/season my dad takes my sisters and me out for dinner. I love the tradition and we do it every year. After a series of events we landed at Olive Garden. Not the best place for a gluten free soul like myself. I ask for a gluten free menu and got excited when she handed me a 3 page menu! Options! I see chicken-Alfredo Calzone and boom. There was my order. 

Jk. They only have calzones mon-thurs until 4pm.

 Okay whateves. I will just have the chicken Alfredo. (At this point I was really needing that Alfredo sauce). 

The waitress looks at the menu and says oh no no no. The gluten free menu is on the BACK of this one. She points to 4 dinner options. 4. And how many included Alfredo sauce? Zero. How many appealed to a pregnant woman? Zero (salmon and steak and chicken? Thanksbutnothanks) 

I stared at those 4 options for a solid 60 seconds trying to keep the tears back. It was no use. I start bawling. Tears streaming down my face. I put a hand over my face and said to her "I'm sorry. I'm just pregnant and really hungry and I don't want anything on this menu". The poor girl said she would give me a few minutes and took off. 

I then cried for at least another 5 minutes non stop. My makeup is now all over my napkin and the tears just keep coming. My little sister is tearing up and laughing, my older sister is just watching with a helpless look on her face and my dad is sitting there with a look of indifference. 

It was slightly mortifying and 100% hilarious. These preggo tears are their own boss and once they start they are like a damn Pringles can and they just don't stop.  

Once I finally calmed down we laughed and moved on. I'm so happy I was with my family. Anyone else and I would have been so humiliated. Now we just  have a good story to tell. 

In the end I said screw it and ordered a very gluten dish of cheese ravioli with Alfredo sauce. It was delicious. 

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