No, I don't want your effing Quinoa

I want to start off by saying: If you're a man NO PREGNANT WOMAN IS INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. Not about our diet, about our exercise, about our weight, not any kind of advice. We aren't asking you because you're a freaking MAN and you will never get it. So just shut the hell up and tell me I'm pretty.

So as you all know if you read this blog I have Hashimotos and have been treating it with a pretty strict diet since April 2013. I love my doctors and they have helped me feel so much better.  

Now that I'm pregnant I want to punch those same doctors in the face. I was talking to one of them today explaining how hard it has been to follow my gluten free, sugar free, processed food free life now that I'm prego. I told him how my OBGYN said I wasn't getting enough calories and I needed to start eating a little gluten to help. He immediately went off with a bunch of really helpful suggestions:

"There is no nutritional value when it comes to gluten, that stuff is poison blah blah blah"
My Response: Do you really think I give a crap about nutritional value most times of the day? I don't. I care about taste and texture and convenience and if it's going to fill me up.When nothing sounds good I'm not super interested in the nutrition label.

"There are plenty of healthy snacks....eat a sweet potato!" 
My Response: I use to love sweet potatoes. I would eat one pretty much every day. Now I can't choke them down. So no, I will not just eat a sweet potato.

*This is where that "don't speak you're a man" philosophy comes into play. When I told him about my aversions to vegetables (as in I will puke on you if you make me swallow this broccoli) he just stared at me with this face that said "You're just using that as an excuse and you need to get over it because vegetables are good for you...." When I tell a mom that I can't choke down veggies they nod and understand and offer helpful solutions. Men just look at me like a fat little kid who is lying so they can skip to dessert. When I tell you I can't eat vegetables I'm not exaggerating, I'm not lying and I'm not making excuses.

"There are other things that can fill you up besides gluten...like Quinoa! Just eat Quinoa!"
My Response: Let's get 100 pregnant women in a room together and ask how many of them are just dying for a big bowl of quinoa. I hated that shit when I wasn't pregnant. I'm sure as hell not eating it now!

I know it's really hard for a health care professional to understand why a woman might throw all of her healthy habits out the window when a little person is cooking inside of her and I know being pregnant isn't an excuse to let yourself go and destroy your healthy habits.

But being pregnant also isn't the time to obsess about what you are eating for lunch and if you're sitting on the couch too long even though you feel like crap.

My body is changing every day and I am trying to mentally, emotionally and physically deal with that. I don't need the help of men telling me to "just get over it" for my health. At the moment the best thing for my health ( and the safety and well being of my husband) is eating Raspberry Jello and watching stupid shows on Netflix.

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