3 months


When you get up close to her face and talk. She chats right back 
Warm baths 
Laying on the floor and wiggling her body 
To sleep at night! 
Getting her diaper changed 

Doesn't love

Lotion after bath 
Having to wait when I have to get her more food 
Napping on the go 

Random tidbits 

-Sleeps 8-10 hours every night
-Talks/grunts/sighs the whole time she is awake 
-I still don't think she has discovered her hands yet. Apparently that was supposed to happen by now...
-And no sign that she will be rolling over anytime soon
-I've been keeping track of her "Wonder Weeks" but she doesn't really get fussy when they say to expect it. (Freaking books! Do they apply to ANYONE's child??)
-Awesome head control and likes to be pulled up to sitting position 
-Starting to use her binki and baby chair less and less
-Still fits into her 0-3 month clothes and can wear 3-6 month onsies (but not the pants-she's all torso, just like her mommy)

Things on mama's mind:

Is it time to stop swaddling her at night? I'm afraid to try because I REALLY like how nights are currently going-

Her skull is still a weird shape from being breech...should she get a helmet? 

Her naps are still unpredictable, but she is happy and sleeping great at night so I'm not too concerned 

Ok...the extra belly fat (on me!) is starting to get on my nerves. 

LOVE having Bart home 

This past month has been a BLAST for me. I have loved every minute that she is awake. I've stressed less about the small things and am trying to just enjoy the moment. 

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