6 more weeks of class! 6! Which means I need to get going because I still have 16 more classes to review before I finish...

Summer 2013. COMM 3640-Writing for New Media. Grade: A

I almost managed to make it through college without taking Summer classes...Once I realized I could finish in 2013 I decided to suck it up and take a few. This one was online so it wasn't so bad. I liked the way my professor organized the class. Discussions, quizzes, assignments. That's it! For my final project I created a Twitter Account. The requirements included regularly tweeting, finding a topic that could appeal to a specific audience and engaging with that audience. I was only a few months into my Hashimotos treatment so that was the main thing that occupied my mind. Turns out there is a big following out there when it comes to health, thyroid disorders and Hashimotos. The professor had us each create our own rubric to grade us. I made a good chunk of points go toward getting more than 50 followers (in 1 month). She messaged me and told me that was a lofty goal and to maybe aim a little lower...I of course became determined to succeed! I had over 100 followers by the time she graded me. Hence the A.

I think "new Media" is kind of a stupid term these days. Anyone who is in college is use to the media everyone is using and it isn't really "new" to us. I understand why the older crowd calls it new...but I would say my generation just calls it media. Either way, I learned how to write for it...whatever that means!

Spring 2012. MUSC 3600- World Music. Grade: A-

I needed an art credit. World Music fit my schedule. It was a class with 700 students in a huge auditorium. Participation was based on our Clicker answers. It could have been a disaster...but our professor made it work. I really liked how she approached each new chapter. Every section we started out listening to a piece of music. We listened to the song uninterrupted..unsure of what we were listening to. Most of the time it just seemed like noise. and not pretty noise. The kind of noise you turned off immediately. However, throughout the lectures she would break that song down and explain what we were hearing. She would teach that certain noises and instruments meant different things. That there really was a meaning behind the madness. Then we would listen to the song again. It was completely different. I could pick out the different instruments and I understood what I heard! It was a genius way to teach this class and I really enjoyed it.

Fall 2010. ENGL 2010-Intermediate Writing. Grade: A

My second and last required English class. Almost sucked as bad as the first one. I wasn't interested and my papers usually showed it. I remember a few annoying people in the class...and my professor telling me I could do better...but I got the A and moved on. Go college!

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