Eat until I die

"I wanna eat n eat n eat n eat n eat until I die"

...name that movie! I will give you a hint...sing it with a Goofy accent...yes, it's Micky and the Beanstock. No clue if that's the actual name, or if it still exists...but that is the song stuck in my head because that is the song that is "story of my life" as they say.

I feel like I have been eating non stop today and I'm going to write it down to try and shame myself into submission. Ready? It's about to get real...

for breakfast- egg and turkey bacon scramble with 2 pieces of GF toast
on my way out the door (because ya know, it hadn't eaten for like FIVE WHOLE MINUTES)- protein oatmeal ball
at work- an apple, a few pieces of candy, a chicken/veggie skewer, chips & salsa, a few more pieces of candy, leftover GF baked ziti, applesauce, 2 more oatmeal balls, some gum
at home- 1 more oatmeal ball (those things are freakin addicting), a few handfuls of trail mix, (to be continued because it's only 5:40pm).

I guess you could say that maybe if I ate an actual meal I wouldn't feel the need to snack...but I'm not really hungry for a full meal...I just like to be munching on stuff today.  I actually don't feel too bad about that list up there...it could be worse. At least I didn't cheat today and eat any gluten. That crap messes me up and I'm doing my best to avoid it! Probably eating more sugar than I should and add a few veggies into the mix but all in all...not too shabby.

So I ran across this picture we took when I was 5 weeks pregnant. Awe how cute! Ya know how you look at old pictures of yourself (from high school maybe) and think "why was I so worried about my body/weight? I look awesome and I wish I could look like that again" yeah...that's how I feel about this picture!

25 weeks ago I was smokin' hot and I didn't believe it when Bart told me. Now I'm round and puffy and NOT that size. *sigh* we always want what we don't have right?

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  1. Agreed!!! I used to be self conscious about my stomach because it wasn't super flat. Well... don't ask me about what my stomach looks like right now. I'd never complain again if I could have my old one back!!



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