UEA daddy weekend

It's official...I think I love UEA weekend more than Christmas!! A break from school AND football meant 4 days of Bart!! We had such a good time hanging out as a family, it was something this mama and wife desperately needed. It helped me realize what "real life" is actually going to look like with a child, not the lonely reality that has been my life during football season. 

On Thursday we kicked off family time with a run! Bart and I have been running buddies since the very beginning and it was great to run with him again. 2014 was pretty much a no-run year for me unfortunately and Bart missed me :) I'm excited to get back into the habit with him again (plus he pushes the stroller...so that's a major bonus)

Macs got all bundled up and joined us....she loves it

Friday morning we were in no rush to get things done. After Macs' afternoon nap we headed to the pumpkin patch! There are so many local patches around South Jordan. It was so fun picking out pumpkins and bringing Mckenzie outside. We try to get out every day, but there is something different about NOT being in the stroller that makes things even more interesting 

I bought Macs her first jacket...how freakin' cute is a bundled up baby?? p.s. Bart loves being a daddy

There's nothing better than seeing these two together. It melts my mama heart
Once the babe went down for the night Bart and I got to carving. Every year we carve pumpkins. Every year my pumpkin takes me maybe 15 minutes to complete. Every year Bart spends over an hour on his. This year I carved TWO pumpkins in less than 30 minutes and Bart created his masterpiece for 2 hours. If that doesn't show our personalities perfectly I don't know what will!

Bart handles the manly part....cutting off the tops!
Sipping on Raspberry Cheesecake Hot Cocoa. It's amazeballs

Saturday morning we woke up at headed to the Haunted 5K in Salt Lake. We did this race 2 years ago and this was my first race since last Halloween! I was pretty pumped. There is something about a race, even a 5K, that makes running a bit more fun. I bought Mckenzie a costume. I thought it was a cow...but apparently it was a puppy. Either way she looked pretty freakin' cute.


After the race we were hanging out, waiting for friends to finish and decided to change Mckenzie's diaper before she fell asleep for her nap. It's a good thing we did because this cute puppy had a complete blow out and had poop all over her legs and up her back. How lovely. Who has two thumbs and didn't bring her daughter a change of clothes? Mom of the Year right here. Luckily it was a really nice October day and not freezing so I was able to wrap her up in a burp cloth until we got home. Ahhh babies.

She didn't seem too concerned with her outfit

Later on Saturday after naps and showers (I taught Bart how to bathe the baby...he didn't love it) we got ready for the Aggie game! We bought this Aggie onesie up in Logan last year as our first baby purchase. It's a newborn size but still fits!

The best looking Aggie fans I know....

Our weekend ended on Sunday with church, naps and my BFF coming to visit.
Just call me the sleep fairy....or something

Did I mention how great this weekend was for me? Because it was. I LOVED having Bart around. It wasn't just nice to have extra hands to help with the babe, but I just missed my friend and we were able to joke and laugh and have fun- helping me realize life hasn't COMPLETELY changed.

(p.s. this is the last week of football so I'll be doing another happy dance in just a few days)

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