2 cents: the Me in Mommy

** I started writing this post a few weeks ago (last week?) when Gisel was actually making headlines..**

Gisel Bundchen is making headlines for saying she puts herself first before her kids. She said it's like what they tell you on the plane: put your oxygen mask on first before you put it on your child

Amen sexy sista. Why do women get so upset when a model talks about being a mom, but an angsty blogger can go on and on about her opinions on motherhood (and breastfeeding and discipline and....) and people approve? 

Just because she has a better body and more help and tons of money doesn't make her less of a mom. Since having a baby of my own I have reached a whole new level of non-judgement. We were at Stake Conference a few weeks ago and a family walks in. Their 8ish year old son brought his blanket. Bart leans over and says the typical "we aren't going to let our kids that old bring blankets to church". 4 months ago I would have nodded my head in agreement, thinking parenting is all about setting boundaries and rules and making your kids follow them. HA! Then I had a child and I realized parenting is just about staying the freak alive. If bringing a blanket to church saved that mama of 4 some energy and made her morning earlier, than good for her.

During those first several weeks of Mckenzie's life I did several things that were for me (and my extension for her). I put her on somewhat of a schedule because it gave me piece of mind. I had her sleep in her own room when she was just a few weeks old because I slept better that way. I gave her a binki whenever the hell she wanted because it made my job easier. Am I proud of that? YES. The fact that I was able to find ways to make our days go a little easier might sound selfish, but I'm not ashamed of admitting that I put myself first. Because I realized that unless I took care of myself, I couldn't give 100% to the angel God had given me.

So go ahead Gisel, admit that there should be a capital ME is Mommy...I totally agree

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