Thursday nights

Thursday nights. 

Bart is gone. Baby is sleeping. Grey's Anatomy is on. 

Sometimes life is just that simple. But then I think of the 394847 other things going on in my life and it's not simple anymore. But that's okay! 

Kenny and I went out for a walk again today and I think it will be the last really hot walk of the year. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather. And a baby in the snow? I don't know how it works- but it will be fun to figure it out! 

We're enjoying our afternoons together but really missing Bart. It's always October that makes me a little football-widow itchy. But it's not too bad and we're having fun going to Bart's game on Fridays and experiencing that energy and excitement. 

Mckenzie has been adjusting all week to a new baby sitter. My cousin has been watching her this past year and then this week we started taking her to my sister-in-law. How lucky are we to have such great people in our lives!! This past year has been amazing and she loved every minute with Taran and her little cousin Carter. I had a really hard time her last week there. I cried a few times thinking that little small chapter of our lives is over. I hate change and adjustment so when it comes to change and adjustment with my child I have an even harder time. 

BUT! My sister in law is so great and this first week went well and I'm happy that it's where she will be now. She is going to have so much fun being the "middle child" with an older and younger cousin to play with. 

So change is good. My husband is busy. My baby is goofy. Life is happening. 

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