14.5 months of love

Since Mckenzie turned one I stopped thinking of doing regular updates because it seemed changes slowed down a little bit. And while she isn't learning a new "trick" every day, she is still growing and changing so much!

So here is an update since her LAST update:

14.5 months and is just about running. She can step up and down really small steps without falling. She knows exactly where the swings are in our neighborhood and when she wants to go, she leads me right to them. She loves to be outside, but lately she hasn't been as interested in exploring. It's like she knows the neighborhood landscape by heart so she's kinda over it. When I open the front door and sit on the porch she will just hang out there with me. No more running off on her own.

The last few weeks she has been right by my side at all times! She has NEVER been a mama's girl like that so I have had to get use to it. It's actually kind of nice to get this sweet attention, but I do find myself a little impatient sometimes when I'm cooking or something since I'm not use to it. She even cries sometimes when I give her to Bart and leave the room. I know that might seem normal to some of you mamas out there, but this is bizarre behavior for Mckenzie. She's still really good compared to other babies, but it's a noticeable difference to me.

She still sleeps 11.5 hours at night with a 1 hour morning nap and a 2 hour afternoon nap. For a while naptime was hellish, but things have gone back to being settled and easy. (knock on wood). I thought she was getting ready to drop her morning nap but I was wrong! She loves her sleep. She also loves her stuffed animals and drags them everywhere. We call them her Friends and she tries to carry all of them as much as possible. She has toned down the book reading obsession and isn't as interested in food either. She is still a really good eater, but I can't distract her with food anymore or use food to make her happy (unless she's hungry). She's now old enough to know when she's not hungry and when food isn't interesting to her anymore. I don't really worry about the amount of food she eats. I can tell she isn't eating as much, but she eats until she's finished so that's good enough for me. She just recently started using utinsels and loves them! She's getting better at using a fork and prefers it over her hands now. She's definitely thinning out the last month or so. Her chubby legs are still there, but barely! I give it a few more months and they will be gone. Her belly exists only after a meal. but luckily her cheeks are still here.

She loves to talk and make noises and blow bubbles or play with her tongue. She can say mom, mommy, dad and hot. She uses "da" for dogs and knows to say "moo" when asked what the cow says. I know for a fact she understands most everything that comes out of my mouth and can follow commands like "give that to daddy" and "put that back". I'm excited for that next big stage of language. Right now she likes to yell at people who aren't paying attention to her and use her sign language of "more", "please" and "thank you".

Time seems to have slowed down a little bit the last two months. It seemed like forever ago that we celebrated her first birthday. I love spending my days with this squishy baby and she makes me laugh every day. Her little BIG personality is something I am blessed to have in my life. I'm so excited for this holiday season to start and make all new memories and traditions with her and Bart.

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