It's a Boy!

We're having a baby boy! I'm so excited. That has been my guess all along and it was so fun to get it confirmed today. A BOY! I can't stop smiling about it. I mean, I can't stop smiling about a new baby in general, but there's something about knowing the gender that takes everything to the next level. Now I can call it him and think of it as a little boy, not just a baby. Bart is thrilled of course and one of his first comments about it- "what if he doesn't like sports??" I told him his daughter knows more football signs than most adults, I don't think it's going to be an issue with his children.

Minus the fact that I got a cold this past weekend, I have been feeling really great. I've felt him move a few times, and I'm excited to have that be a regular thing again. I've been able to keep up on my exercise routine and my cravings have calmed waaaay down. I'm back to eating normal food cooked up in our kitchen. No more daily fast-food craziness. Plus, I slept AMAZEBALLS last night, so that puts you in a good mood for, like, days.

I don't know why I haven't been taking the time to write more. I like to type things out but it's just not very convenient anymore. Probably not a good excuse. Plus I don't have much of an update that isn't already posted on my other social media accounts. I'm trying to tone down my life-sharing. It's really hard when you have a kid as cute as mine- every photo is sharable!! ;)

Okay- that's all I have for tonight. #sorrynotsorry

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