Good shirt mojo

My FB memories popped up THIS blog post and what are the chances I'm wearing that exact same shirt today? My baby bump is much smaller- but I figured it was a sign of good mojo today.

I got sucked into the black hole of old blog posts and it's been fun to re-read. I've only written 9 posts in 2016. Whoops! I really can't explain it. I know blogs are pretty much out of style, but I never wrote for a big audience anyway so that doesn't really matter to me. I want to be better at documenting my thoughts and motherhood so be prepared for some rusty posts coming your way.

Her typical weird quirk of bringing 3029834 with us on our walks

Summer is in full swing at the Bowen house and we LOVE having Bart home. He coaches a few hours in the morning, and then he's home with us. He still leaves for a few days at a time for football camps, but for the most part he is home. I can't explain to all of you how great of a man Bart is. In church yesterday we talked about "true greatness" and I couldn't stop thinking of the man I married. He has chosen to take on such an active role as father and husband and treats me like a complete equal. He is the sweetest and best dad to Mckenzie and every morning as they leave the house I can't help but get emotional at the love I feel for both of them. Seeing your strong, tough husband hold your baby daughter's hand out to the car is the sweetest view.

DIY pouring station = a huge hit

Mckenzie started swim lessons last week and she is like a fish in the water. She has NO fear and we've spent almost every day at our clubhouse pool. She only stays in the toddler pool for a few minutes before she wants to go play in the big pool. The swim lesson is pretty laid back and she is slowly starting to learn how to blow bubbles and float on her back. We also discovered this amazing splash pad close to our house and love to go there too. It's nice because I don't have to be attached to her hip at the splash pad. My love language is STILL independence.

Saying "CHEESE"! 

Speaking of independence, Macs has been shifting a little bit at nap time and bedtime and the last week I've had to rock her to sleep! I haven't done that since she was maybe 4 months old. If I do lay her down still wide awake she wants to hold my hand as she falls asleep. My guess is she's just more aware of the dark and being alone. It's the sweetest thing and I don't mind at all. It's funny, because when she was a baby I was really strict about her sleep habits and any kind of "help" because I didn't want to create bad habits. So I didn't do a lot of rocking to sleep or extra attention. And it worked for us, and she thrived. Now that she's older and changing, I don't mind giving her that extra snuggle time if that is what she needs. Plus I'm taking advantage of every single moment with her before her brother gets here! I rock her for a few extra minutes, or read her a few extra books because I know our alone time together is so precious. I've really loved this stage, and this extra-attachment phase she's in just adds to that love.

That's all for today- if you're bored- go see how good your candy skills are with this post

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