Hi baby boy: 20 weeks

Hi my sweet baby boy,

I can't believe it's been more than 2 years since I wrote a 20-week note to your big sister. I remember being so consumed with pregnancy and the unknown. It's been different this time with you. I know more. I understand more. I'm at much more peace with everything. I also know we're only halfway there and this next half is going to drag on. And that's OK. I'm excited for you to join our family, but I'm also trying to enjoy every single second I have with your sister. So I can wait for your arrival. 

We had your anatomy check up this week and everything looks good. Your heart and brain are developing right on track and you are a whopping 12oz! I saw your belly and your tiny hands and feet. I don't feel you very often- yet. And I'm really excited for when you become part of my everyday. There's nothing like feeling a child move inside your belly- and I miss you when I don't feel you for a few days! But starting next week I'll be feeling you all day everyday. My favorite. 

I want you to know how excited your dad and I are about having you join our family. We love you already, and can't wait to see your personality. Will you be a crazy goofball like Mckenzie? Or will you be a mellow dude? Either way- you'll make the perfect addition to our family. 

So stay strong and keep growing my son, I love you. 


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