Adult Jeans

I went jean shopping today because all the jeans I have are either too big or for a 9th grader...yes, I have the style of jeans I was wearing in high school. Time to grow up. Good news? I am down 2 pant sizes! Gone are the days of getting upset in a dressing room. These are the kind of results I have to remember when I get frustrated. I got to buy adult jeans that were 2 sizes smaller than the last pair I bought!

Also, Utah State Homecoming was fun! The 5K was a beast because it was FREEZING COLD our muscles couldn't handle it! The game was awesome and so was Angies....ya know, the usual

Eating at Angie's after the run...nothing says 5 K like a huge scone!

had a swollen face this whole day thanks to my GENIUS dentist...

Go Aggies!!

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