There's a crazy man in my bed

Well Bart is officially sick aka INSANE. he takes cold medicine and all logic goes out the window

"what's up with fevers I mean...they make no sense...i'm cold but my body is hot? what's up with that?"

and so on and so forth. he is yelling from the room as we speak and let's be honest...i have no idea what he is saying and yet he just.keeps.going.

I'm crossing my fingers I don't get sick too, and that he gets better. if he's still feeling this crappy and has such a high fever we won't be going to Boise for the Potato Bowl this weekend...so hopefully his body gets the memo.

I am rockin at Christmas presents this year! I have everyone in my family checked off my list and I'm pretty much finished with Bart. We debated having stockings this year for each other...I'll let you know if it actually ends up happening.

We had a great weekend unwinding and unplugging from the world. It was so nice to relax and have as many cups of hot cocoa as I wanted!

pretty sure this was cup 482

you can't tell...but i'm cuddling up to a fireplace cuz it was fruh-eez-ing

p.s. I'm trying to think of some fun blog thing to do for the "12 days of Christmas" so i can be festive and stuff. if you have any suggestions feel free to share :)

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