on the 12th day of Christmas

*i'm such a great blogger..i started this yesterday but never got a chance to finish it. i'm already behind! maybe this wasn't such a good idea....*

Hey everyone! I am getting more and more excited for Christmas! Have I mentioned I love this time of year?? I wanted to do some blogging over the next 12 days to celebrate. I will be making the "themed" posts as I go along so they may or may not be lame...

we'll start off nice and generic this morning to get things going "12 things I love about Christmas"

(not in any particular order)

  1. R&B and Pop Holiday Pandora station (dont judge)
  2. Christmas themed boxes of chocolate..as if the red sleeve makes it more okay to eat your heart out
  3. my days off (this is a first for me...i'll let you know how it goes)
  4. getting in the spirit of giving and finding that perfect gift for someone
  5. wrapping said gifts with my skills that improve every year
  6. Christmas lights 
  7. family parties
  8. cuddling up next to the tree with some hot cocoa
  9. hot cocoa in general (not just a Christmas thing, but that's usually when i drink it)
  10. it's a time that makes it that much easier to remember Christ
  11. making cookies, gingerbread houses and Christmas candies
  12. Spending time with the people I love the most!

Bart and I have also decided to write a Christmas Newsletter (Bowen style) so stay tuned for that! :)

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