Mass Media Law

I just finished taking my Mass Media Law final exam which means (pending a final paper) this class is complete! halle-freakin-lujah

My teacher was a complete joke, which I guess is better than the alternative back at Utah State. I was told this is the hardest class ever, but it wasn't and I'm going to blame(thank) that on the teacher. (our tests have been online with open note/ open book....cake)

Now don't get me wrong, I did learn some stuff. In fact, this class is probably the most applicable to my current job. All the other COMM classes I have taken don't apply very much to producing. but this class made me run to work the next morning asking my boss if I'm breaking the law by doing A, B or C (don't worry, I'm not)

I really enjoyed the content I just didn't always enjoy the journey to said content. AKA the hour he rambled at the first of class before starting to teach. I will give the guy credit because he clearly knew what he was talking about. he was able to mention 32962 law cases off the top of his head and had some great stories to tell.

I'm sure the fact that I was only taking this one class is another reason why i didn't feel overwhelmed by it. Starting in January I'm taking two night classes (gross) plus working so we'll see how that goes!

Stuff you may or may not know about Mass Media Law

Promissory Estoppel belongs to the source. Basically they can sue a journalist if a promise of anonymity was made and then broken (pending a few exceptions of course, because this is the legal system we're talking about)

Intellectual Property should be copyrighted once it's in a tangible medium, or you can't really seek damages if someone infringes on your work.

The work you do while employed is considered "work made for hire" and belongs to your employer, not you.

Fanciful Marks are the best kind of Trademarks (the Nike Swoosh wouldn't exist if Nike didn't)

Same-party candidates have to be allowed the exact same amount of air time as their opponents during a primary election

Obscenity is illegal, Indecency is legal

Children's programming can't have more than 12 minutes of commercials per hour during the weekday and 10 minutes of commercials during the weekend

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