Ryan Seacrest

Who knew Ryan Seacrest would have some sound advice when it comes to life and career? From LeanIn.org

"Here, some of the key lessons they’ve (women I've worked with) imparted to me along the way:
Be Passionate. Do what you love, and let your passion shine.
Communicate. Listening is key. Everyone can talk but listening produces real results.
Organize. Lists – love them. They keep you focused and on track. You can never have too many of them.

 If there’s a problem, solve it. Don’t whine: be solutions-oriented.
Decide. Make swift decisions and then move on; don’t second-guess yourself.
Laugh. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have a sense of humor.
Cry. A good cry can sometimes solve the world’s problems, do it if you need to. (Even if you’re a guy!)
Celebrate. It’s important to celebrate progress and achievement no matter how small."

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