Messes, Runs and Recaps

When Bart is away, the Megan habits come out to play.

Bart is away today and tomorrow at a coaching conference. Whenever Bart leaves, our house may or may not fall apart for a few hours. I spill things, throw laundry on the floor, eat salad for dinner, watch endless episodes of Alias and make other messes. By the time he gets home tomorrow night the house will be spotless and freshly cleaned. All chores will be done and he's non the wiser (until he reads this post of course).

Also, I gave myself an excellent pep talk on the way to the gym tonight, telling myself (out loud, alone in my car) that I need to run my scheduled miles and shut up about it and stop complaining. It was quite successful. Tomorrow is my long run and I'm sure I'll be giving myself the same talk. As they say, it's 90% mental right? I think forward to a half marathon and at this point it seems impossible, so I will just stick to my small victories and take it one week at a time.

My week in pictures

I had a mini emotional break down on Wednesday and these few verses were just what I needed to read

Um hello...someone please agree with me that Bart looks pretty excellent in this pic

I met with my UofU adviser and figured out a plan that will get me graduated by December!! This is such happy news. I will be graduated with a year and a half of work experience. Not too shabby! Can't wait to be done.

Nothing says Friday like a trip to Sephora- be proud that I only spent $30!

Did I mention Bart was gone? This is my typical outfit...it's all about comfort people.

These ice baths are anything but comfort, but they do help with my shin splints after a long run

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