Day 2, : Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.

I may or may not be the best shopper you've ever met. I can drop a few hundred dollars in one trip if I have that chance ( which I usually don't....). Ever since my first job at 16 I've been able to shop. When I was single I would pay all my bills and then spend the rest on clothes, shoes, random stuff...you name it and I would buy it.  I wasn't big into savings at that point in my life. I would leave hair school for lunch and come back with three bags full of clothes. I'm not a good bargain shopper, I'm just a good shopper.

Now that I'm married and care about someone's happiness other than my own I don't shop as much. The only way for me to NOT shop is to just not go into stores/malls with my wallet. If I have to go to the mall for work I just don't take my purse with me, then I don't even have to make a decision! I'm an addict hanging out at a bar whenever I go to a store. I've come a long way and am pretty proud of how my spending habits have turned out. If I still had my way, or an unlimited budget I would go shopping most days of the week. When i need some cheering up Bart hands me some cash and tells me to go to the mall. Everyone has their thing, and this one is mine.

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  1. I have the same problem...I love to shop too!!!!



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